Is it possible to import content packed in a SCORM format into Kolibri?


Is it possible to import content packed in a SCORM format into Kolibri?
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Hi Karin!

Welcome to the LE community, and thanks for your post! Kolibri 0.14 does have some preliminary support for the SCORM format, but currently we only support importing SCORM content via our scripting tools (ricecooker), not through our Studio web interface yet.

We do have plans to add this capability, but currently are hard at work on an update to Studio that needs to be completed before we can begin work on this.



Thank you Kevin!

I’ll explore ricecooker. It may be all we need.
We are hoping to be able to use Articulate Storyline to create the interactive learning content. Best wishes for a successful and smooth update to Studio.
Thank you again for getting back to me so quickly!

Oh, I forgot to mention, you’ll need to use an external library we created with some tools for IMSCP / SCORM support, which you can find here:

Also, you can find an example “SushiChef” (a script for integrating content) that creates a channel from a SCORM module here:



Hi everyone!
I am also trying out Kolibri to see if we can use it to provide SCORM content offline.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the solution mentioned above. Is the implementation of this functionality in progress?

Perhaps we could try using ricecooker, but then I am afraid I will need more guidance. Did you try using the method mentioned above Karin?

Hi @kennetfa,

Thanks for posting - as @kollivier outlined, we currently only support import of SCORM modules via the ricecooker library. The main blocker on our side for doing this more systematically, is that our support for the SCORM progress API in Kolibri is currently still under going testing, but we hope for that integration to be complete in Kolibri 0.15, which should be out some time next year.

It sounds like being able to do the import via the Studio user interface would be something you would value, so I will see where we might be able to fit that into our roadmap.

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Thank you for your prompt reply!

Yes, that would be greatly appreciated.

I understand that SCORM will be better supported in the next version, that is good news. For now though, I could test other options we have to upload our content. How can I upload my own content to distribute to my learners in my portal? As I see it now, I can only choose pre-loaded content from the Studio.

At the moment, it is only possible to upload content to the Studio platform and then create channels from there. When you create your own channels and publish them on Studio, it will create a special import token that you can then use in Kolibri to import your channels.

Hi there, are there any updates on the feature “SCORM import into Kolibri”?