Create Channel on Kolibri Studio From Lessons

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I have set up 2 years worth of lessons for Tanzanian secondary school mathematics (year 1 and year 2) on a local installation (laptop) of Kolibri. However, I realize now that future updates and changes would be better propagated to client machines if they were stored as a channel via Kolibri Studio. Is there a way I can transfer the lessons wholesale from my local set-up onto Kolibri studio? It is quite tedious trying to replicate my local installation onto Kolibri Studio video for video for hundreds of videos and would love to hear if there is a way to automate this migration.


I’m also quite interested, as I’m in a similar situation. I think you’re supposed to use rice cooker or something, although I have no idea how to use it

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For bulk content import onto Kolibri Studio, please see documentation on ricecooker imports:

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OK, thanks. Will have a look and let you know how it goes

@eliteschools okay cool, it’s a bit time consuming but it’s definitely worth the effort. It might also take a couple of weeks to get the hang of it, lots of googling, i the end it works perfectly :grinning:


Hope this message find you in good faith.

Have you tried ricecooker yet?

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Hi everyone,
Thanks @Bryan_Fisher for passing on the information on ricecooker!

One point of clarification to add is that the ricecooker is used to bring content from an original source into Kolibri Studio (to then import into Kolibri), but we don’t currently support a functionality to transfer lessons from a Kolibri installation into Studio for sharing across local installations. This is good feedback though and we’ve noted it for future iterations in our roadmap.

The best suggestion we can offer at the moment is to create this lesson structure as a channel in Studio, where each ‘topic’ contains the content of each lesson and then that channel ID can be shared within local installations. This still means needing to replicate the work once, unfortunately, but will save you from having to replicate it for each individual installation. Let me know if you still have questions around this.


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Hi @laura,

Thank you for your reply!

It is a great pleasure, thank you for your clarification.

Much appreciate it.

Hi Laura,


This answers my question succinctly, adding it to a future iteration would be a big plus.


Hi Bryan,

I have looked at ricecooker and it is not the solution I was looking for (automating the migration of lessons created in Kolibri to a channel on Kolibri Studio). ricecooker means manually recreating what I have already painstakingly created in my Kolibri lessons so as I can make a corresponding Kolibri Studio channel.

However, after reading the response from @laura below, it seems that ricecooker is the best I can do for now.

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Hi @eliteschools,

Thanks for getting back to me. Best of luck to you.