IMPORT VIA ONLINE ERROR 100% downloaded but still incomplete error

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“request”: {
“path”: “/api/device/deviceinfo/”,
“params”: {
“1582203680411”: 1582203680411
“headers”: {
“Content-Type”: “application/json”,
“Accept”: “application/json, application/json;q=0.8, text/plain;q=0.5, /;q=0.2”,
“X-CSRFToken”: “jpqvkxHGzPKqHz8NaKpqVjDz4qAXeKpSeWbhyiJn78pjGOuyq97AC2OvdsZw5jEo”
“method”: “GET”,
“canceled”: false
“url”: “/api/device/deviceinfo/?1582203680411=1582203680411”,
“raw”: {},
“status”: {
“code”: 500,
“text”: “Internal Server Error”
“headers”: {
“Content-Length”: “27”,
“Content-Type”: “text/html”,
“Date”: “Thu, 20 Feb 2020 13:03:08 GMT”,
“Server”: “”,
“Vary”: “Cookie”,
“X-Frame-Options”: “SAMEORIGIN”
“entity”: “

Server Error (500)



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Technical details

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  • Operating system
  • Browser

Hello @Pritam, what version of Kolibri are you using?
Also OS and browser can be helpful to help you troubeshooting.

Hi @jredrejo,

Thanks for your response. Currently I’m using Kolibri latest v0.13.1 on Windows 10, browser- Microsoft Edge.
I’m facing the issue mostly whenever I’m trying multiple imports like importing two or more channels or two or more contents from one channel at the same time. It’s getting stuck at 100%.

Thank you for the report and sorry that you are encountering these issues. Other users are experiencing this as well and we are investigating.

If you have any log files with errors, those would be helpful also. You can access them as described here.

Tracking in issue #6602

Hello @Pritam,

We just released 0.13.2 beta1 which includes a fix to your issue. If you are interested in installing the beta to test whether it fixes the import issue, please feel free to download the windows installer from here:
Thank you!