Import channel collections into kolibri

Hi everyone
I would like to know how to import a collection from kolibri stdio and not separate the channels? That in Kolibri I keep the complete collection with all the channels as in kolibri studio.

Hi @lcacerop!

You can import all the channels in a Collection from Studio into Kolibri using the following steps:

  1. Copy the token from Studio using the copy button next to the token.


  1. In Kolibri, start the process of importing content, choose “Kolibri Studio” as the source, and then click the “Select entire channels instead” link from that page:


  1. Then, click the “Import with token” button. After pasting the token from Studio, and clicking “Continue”, it will show a list of just the channels from that collection. To import them all at once, click the “Select all on page” checkbox, and then the “Import” button in the bottom right.

Note that the channels will still show up as individual channels within Kolibri. The “collections” feature is just a streamlined way to import a preselected set of channels into Kolibri without needing to select them one by one.