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In Kolibri Studio I’m creating a Collection of all of the channels I am using in a specific country. Since it’s a Spanish speaking country, many of the channels are only accessible using channel IDs. How do I add channels to my Collection that are only accessible via channel IDs?

Hello @LarryY,

Thank you for your inquiry. You may need to publish your channels if they are not showing up under the collection’s channel selection list. Collections only allow published channel selection to prevent some channels from showing up in Studio’s collections, but not on Kolibri (unpublished channels are not available to import into Kolibri). If you are still unable to access channels after publishing them, please let me know which channels you are trying to access, and I will look into them further. Hope this helps!

Hi Jordan,

They’re not my channels. These are the channels I want to add to my Collection:
Channel Channel ID
Laboratoria faf284a5469d54b8b06881491196888e
TeachEngineering 424bd5474e3d5e56980a2e6783eb0dc6
Proyecto Descartes c4ad70f67dff57738591086e466f9afc
Ciencia NASA da53f90b1be25752a04682bbc353659f
Proyecto Biosfera f446655247a95c0aa94ca9fa4d66783b
PhET (es) 8fa678af1dd05329bf3218c549b84996
Sikana (es) 30c71c99c42c57d181e8aeafd2e15e5f

Hello @LarryY ,

We currently do not allow users to create collections with channels they don’t have access to in order to prevent people from accessing content that was meant to be private. However, I am looping in @schandra, our content library manager, as some of these channels may be made publicly accessible in the future

Thank you Jordan. Please let me know when they’re Public. :grinning: