I can’t upload mp4 files with Ricecooker

Hi, I am using Ricecooker to upload mp4 videos to my kolibri studio channel, most of the videos were uploaded without problem, but with some videos I get these errors.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @fwilber,

What version of the ricecooker library are you using?

Also, if you are able to upload a sample file for which you are seeing this error, that would be helpful. If you would rather not share on the public forum, please feel free to share with me in a direct message.

Also, just to confirm, is this uploading to https://studio.learningequality.org ?

Kind Regards,

Hi @richard

I am using version 0.7.2 of ricecooker.

The video is 89cde753f26eb09a1dca5879d8f6a783.mp4 - Google Drive

No, I am using my own, which is updated to the latest version.

Thank you!

The error you are seeing is from the cloud storage provider - saying that the checksum of the file you are uploading does not match. You would have to make sure that your cloud storage setup is properly configured!

I have a question, is any specific configuration required? because the other videos were uploaded correctly to the same kolibri studio that I have installed.