Problem uploading content to kolibri studio

I’m trying to upload videos to Kolibri studio but I keep getting the error “There was a problem saving your content” when I try to save my changes. Then I’m forced to exit and none of the content is uploaded. How do I fix this?

Hi marcteoong,

Sorry for the late reply! One thing I notice from that screenshot is that you’re trying to upload and edit 146 files at once. Could you try in smaller batches, such as 10-20 files, and see if you are able to make changes successfully?



Hi Kevin,

Still getting the same issue.


Khan academy on stick on RACHEL. Does the content there also require periodic up?
If update is regularly required please indicate guidelines

@marcteoong Are you able to upload single files successfully, or do those give the same error? Also, which browser are you using? Are you able to check your browser’s developer console to see if it shows any error messages?

@dapsonchansa Could you post your question as a separate topic on the forums? Your question doesn’t seem to be related to the issue being discussed here. Thanks!