I can't see the Exercises in kolibri


I have created an exercise with Ricecooker in a kolibri studio hosted on my own server, it does not show any error when creating or publishing it.

I installed kolibri (not the studio) on another computer to be able to access and use the exercise that I created earlier, I don’t get any error when importing the channel and adding the exercise, but when using it I get the following error:

I also tried the same with studio.learningequality.org and when importing you don’t see problems.

PS. The exercise you create is the same as the one in the documentation.

Hi @fwilber,

Could you share a link to the example exercise in the documentation? I suspect it needs updating.

Hi Blaine,

I found the exercises here ricecooker exercises — ricecooker 0.6.46 documentation

Thanks for your help

Hi @fwilber,

Could you share some technical information about Kolibri?

Technical details

  • Kolibri version
  • Operating system
  • Browser

Hi @blaine

  • Kolibri version: 0.15.12
  • Operating system: Ubuntu and Windows
  • Browser: Mozilla and Chrome