How to change Ka Lite default port from 8008 to 80?

We point a DNS name at everything, but we don’t like that it runs on port 8008. How can we change it to port 80.

Hi @dbrum!

It’s a good question. KA Lite doesn’t run on this port by default because it might be used by other processes – but moreover because it requires root privileges.

Are you going to run KA Lite with root privileges or would you prefer to have a real HTTP server sitting in front and proxying the calls?

Sorry for the late reply I was ill. We like to run KA Lite with root privileges. Also is there a way to edit the front end HTML. Thanks


If you run it with root privileges, you can set the --port=80 option when starting KA Lite. If you have installed it via a debian package, edit the file /etc/ka-lite/server_options to say --port=80 and /etc/ka-lite/username to say root.