What user should run the ka-lite service?


I have gotten Khan Academy Lite to run on a Raspberry Pi successfully, but I am not sure I understood what user should the service run from.
Would it be possible to get an explanation as for what does it change, is it better to run it off as the www-data user which is the default Nginx user ? What permissions should I set on the video files so that they are playable by the end-user (I’ve had issues playing the videos caused by what I assumed to be bad user permissions) ?

Thank you all for your time and consideration,

Hi @spramij

Sorry about coming back late to this! Normally, on RPi, we use the pi user for the service, as Nginx running on www-data just proxies requests for KA Lite through a local TCP port, so the user account doesn’t matter.

How did you install KA Lite on the Raspberry Pi? Did you use the .deb files (or PPA) for this? There are instructions here:




Turns out my nginx configuration wasn’t done right, which caused errors when trying to play some videos.

As for the installation method, I used the .deb file!

Thank you for the clarification!

You’re welcome, glad to hear that it’s working! :slight_smile: