Connecting tablets to KA lite hosted on a laptop

I have loaded KA Lite onto a laptop and would like to access it with about 12 tablets.
I am using a Dovado Router and while I can access the router I cannot get through to KA lite using the IP code for the router and the extension :8008.
The tablet is picking up the router and connected to it.

How should the router be linked to the laptop - by cable to the WAN port or cable to the other ports.

Looking forward to your help.

Pat Bergin

Hi Pat,

I suppose that tablets can see the router via WiFi connection, and that laptop with KA Lite is connected to the router either via WiFi or via Ethernet cable. In order for tablets to access KA Lite on the laptop, you have to use laptop’s own IP in your network. If for example you have:

Router IP:
Laptop IP:

You should open the browser on your tablets and write in the address bar.

See this article on how to check the IP that the router (also called “Default gateway”) assigned to your laptop in Windows 10:

Let us know if you managed to access KA Lite on your laptop!