Downloading Khan Academy and uploading on my Rachel PI

Please is there a way I can be able to download contents on Learning Equality website and upload unto my kolibre? what are the steps to follow

Hi Johnson,

After downloading Kolibri, you can import resources from our Kolibri Content Library, or import your own content channels. If you are looking to upload your own content for offline use, you will need to use our curriculum tool, Kolibri Studio, and then load your channel into your installation of Kolibri with the designated token.

Happy to answer specific questions if you get stuck in the process!


Thanks so much Laura.
So I use a world possible imager for my Rachel pi, this automatically comes with Kolibri, unlike world possible, does kolibri have a content library I can download content like touchable earth, khan academy etc and upload?
.if yes, can you please send me the steps?
. You are really being helpful to me.