Is there a way to import content into kolibri from existing kalite install?

I would like to prevent downloading all the kalite content all over again for importing into kolibri. There already is en and hi content downloaded in kalite, couldn’t find any documentation about getting it into kolibri from there.

I second this question.

Hi @cyberorg & @nobicycle, and thank you for your suggestion.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no workflow for making the content from KA Lite available in Kolibri.

Kolibri now allows the use of much more than the content from Khan Academy alone, as everybody is free to create their own content channels from publicly licensed educational ones available in Kolibri Studio. The new workflow also makes possible the curation of channels and the upload of the user’s own learning content (videos, documents, etc.), and the creation of exercises. These features have long been requested by many of our users and partners, as they allow for much greater liberty in choosing and organizing the available educational content and aligning it to particular user’s needs or curricula.

In order to make these highly sought features available in Kolibri, it was necessary to approach building the structure of the Kolibri content channels in substantially different way compared to how Khan Academy content packs were built for KA Lite.

We appreciate that for existing KA Lite users switching to Kolibri will entail downloading Khan Academy content channels for Kolibri from scratch, even though they already have some of that content in the previous KA Lite installation. We believe that the new and improved learner interface, content curation and coach tools will be worth the added time and effort.

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Thanks. perfectly understandable.