Kolibiri educational content download and use

Hi - My question is as follows:

  1. For Windows PCs, is the only way to download content (e.g. Khan Academy US version) through downloading and installing Kolibiri app?
  2. If the answer to # 1 above is yes, once the content is imported and downloaded, what possible ways to transfer it to another PC? I was thinking was the following ways:
    a. To copy the content from the location C:\Users\User name.Kolibri
    b. Past it in the new PC, the same folder “.kolibiri” and once the Kolibri app is installed from the “Kolibri-v0.15.7-windows-setup.exe” installation file, the content will be there.

**Note:**I tried to do the above but every time I tried, Windows File Explorer failed to copy certain files.
I guess in a nutshell, I would like to know how to keep Kolibri’s installable file and content ready so that when I have new laptop that we donate to kids, Kolibiri with the content is ready.