Can I upload my own content into Kolibri?

Answer: Yes! It must meet one of the following file formats:

  • MP4, MP3, PDF, EPUB, HTML5 apps, and multiple exercise formats

I look forward to testing this out. Can you give me specific instructions on how I do this. I do have a beta version of Kolibri running on my own site.

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for your question! I’ll follow up with you individually on more information on this process.


I also would like to know how to add content to Kolibri.

Hi Forrest! I’ve sent you a private message as well with more information.

I have some questions about Kolibri channels. I have been developing channels for Kolibri but and now getting the following message. I have been using Kalite for a few years but want to switch to Kolibri as I have teacher training materials as well as other information I want to have on the server.

The Kalite data base I am using is 234 GB. I don’t believe learningequality can provide server for all of my channels so I want to know how I can create my on content that will work on Kolibri without using the learningequality server. Can you help me?

I appreciate all you’ll are doing to help provide education resources for those who have no internet or other way to learn.



Storage Used (100.00%)

0.00MB AvailableUsage
• Document - 0.19% (0.94MB)
• Video - 100.00% (1029.39MB)

Hi Forrest,

We have increased your available storage size so you should be able to continue uploading your content now. Let me know if you need further assistance or hit a road block again!


What is the total storage available for my account after the increase?



Hi Forrest,

You currently do not have a limit on your available storage.


I want to load Kalite on Kolibri so I don’t have to try and run the Kalite and Kolibri program on the same computer.

There are some parts of Kalite in the public channels but I do not see the full data base. 0.17.03 is about 235 GB at this time.

I can not figure out how to create a Kalite channel with the Kolibri studio.

Thanks for your help. Kolibri is a game changer.


Hello @laura

Is there some guide/information how to design content for Kolibri on a attached drive or memory card? I mean what files and file structure must I use so Import recognized the channel?

Thanks and regards…

Problem solved, I found Studio.

HI there!

I’d also be very interested in doing this!

Can I import custom content into a channel? Or do I have to set up my own channel?

Thank you!

Jono :slight_smile:

Hi @laura, is it possible to send me instructions to upload my own content to kolibri ? Thanks

Hey Laura,

I would also greatly appreciate additional information on uploading my own content. Specifically, I would like to learn more about uploading HTML5 apps and exercise formats. I was very impressed with PhET simulations, and would like to upload some of my own.

I’m looking forward to being a part of this wonderful community.


@AvacadoToast @jonom @nicollas I’ve private messaged you each about accessing Studio. Thanks!

Hello, please help me to extend storage capacity and let me know how to request for more storage.

hi Laura, i can i add content to kolibri?

Hello Laura,

Please send me some more information on how I can upload my own content into Kolibri. Thank you in advance.

Hi Bennie,

I’ve just PMed you with information.


We are trying to setup kolibri container… Would like to know how the contents are managed? Just like normal volume or it should be a database?