Making local files available on Kolibri without uploading to Kolibri Studio

Hello from the Philippines!

I’m helping an organization that is trying to help farmers children get scholarships to schools in the city. I was able to get access to lots of childrens TV shows, as well as recordings from local schools and churches. All of this content is on my local drive and takes up around 200gb of space. Is there a way for me to make these videos available on the Kolibri Learning platform without having to upload it to Kolibri Studio then downloading it again? Is there a way to turn these videos into a channel format then import it directly to the Kolibri Learning Platform?

I’m using a Raspberry pi 4 and set up a local hotspot that already works with Khan Academy content.

Thank you in advanced!

Hi @marcteoong - thanks for your interest here, unfortunately at the moment, this is not possible, but we have heard this user need across many different contexts, and understand how using Kolibri Studio in this workflow might be a blocker.

We are currently scoping this functionality to implement it in Kolibri, but don’t have a clear timeline when it will be implemented yet - unfortunately responding to COVID-19 has meant we have focused more on just getting content out to people at present.

We will be sure to keep you updated as we make progress!

Kind Regards,

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your speedy reply! Would it be possible then to get an increase in storage? I just sent a request in.

Thank you,