Download KA-Lite videos seprately

I would like to download KA-LITE videos seprately, I mean, I don’t want to download all the math. However, It wouldn’t allow me to download the sub-brench selection if you know what I mean. everytime I have to download the all math more than 4000 video but that’s not what I want.
How can I do?

Hi @dkx, to download the videos that you only want, Navigate at the manage videos tab page then select all the videos that you want and click download.
Here’s my sample.

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I knew I can download once for all. I would like to download section by section but the system wouldn’t allow me.
Using Math as an example, of course, I can check Math and download all the video. However, if I only want select “counting”, the “green” button shows a stop icon and wouldn’t allow my to press.
How should I do?

@dtk the button is disabled or showing a stop icon it’s because you already downloaded all the math videos. if you want to just have the counting videos, you need to delete all the math videos except the counting videos.

I tried to delete all the video and select the section what I would like to download again.
Yes, this time I can only select the section what I want to download and press the download button.
However, before I press the the download button I can see only 2 videos in the section, but after I press the button, it suddenly become 4000 video again and download everything.
I don’t understand what’s going on?
I have no way to catagraize 4000 videos!