KA Lite - No option to download or delete videos after clicking video checkboxes

Hi there. I just upgraded to KA Lite 0.17.4 a few days ago.

I was downloading a few videos this morning. They got stuck several times, so each time I cancelled them and started them again. One video even downloaded partially and was added to the library, but gave a ‘corrupt file’ error message about halfway through. I deleted that one and started the download again.

After a few cancelled downloads, I no longer have the option of downloading or deleting videos, as shown below:

I’ve tried stopping and starting the KA Lite server. I’ve done a full reboot of the system KA Lite is installed on. No change.

Our connection has been a bit up and down today, so that likely caused the download to get stuck. But even so, it’d be nice to try the downloads again once our connection stabilises.

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Corrected itself after about 5 hours. All seems good now.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for returning and sharing the update – glad to see it’s working now!