The videos shown on the demo are different from what is available on my instillation

I’m going to be out of town for awhile and won’t have any internet so I’m trying to set up KA Lite to continue looking at videos. In the demo I noticed there are well over twelve categories for Algebra II but on my instillation on Windows 10 I only have the option to download 2 (polynomial expressions and sequences & series). This is also the case with many other of the subjects. Is there something wrong with how I installed KA Lite or is that only what is available?

Hi Jim what language you used? If it is english/default language you should have more available videos.

@mrpau-eduard the language isn’t the case.

Have a look at the 0.16.9 demo server:

(user: admin, password: pass)

It has 3980 videos in the Math section. In 0.17.1, we have 3179 videos.

Algebra II on the demo server looks like this:

Yeah, It seems that the videos on the topic tree is filtered.
I also check the available videos on the KA Lite dubbed video mapping there are many topics for the Algebra II thus it is not reflected on the video topic tree.

I will work on it and generate a new set of language packs.

Sounds good.

Can you give a count of how many videos have been missing? And has it persisted since the release of the first 0.17 content packs?

Hi @Jim. It seems like Khan Academy has made changes to which categories videos are placed. On the (0.16.9 release), you might have seen more available categories compared to the 0.17.1 release. So it might look like they aren’t available, but they are. It’s just that they were just moved.

So for example, you want to watch ‘Adding functions’ video. Which is located in Math -> Algebra II -> Manipulating Functions -> Combining Functions

But now, in the 0.17 release, they are located inside Math -> Algebra -> Functions -> Combining Functions

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