Defining content path changes the type of videos donwloaded?

When I installed KALite the default content directory was ‘C:\Users\Aditya.kalite\content’ and when I clicked on videos it showed me some 230gb odd will be downloaded - which I assume is original content not resized.

My C: is a 256gb ssd so I decided to change the content directory to another drive and restart the video downloads, but this time it shows that I have only 31.3gb to download when I select everything.

I think for some reason changing the default content directory path is prompting KALite to download resized videos instead of the original content?

How can I fix this? My plan is to download the entire directory on my home pc which has ample bandwidth and then copy the content folder over to a Pi / other PCs.


This sounds like a bug. All videos combined have never been 230 GB. On my 0.17.1 installation, they are showing as 208.6 GB with partner contents etc. included.

I find that the torrent for 0.17 resized English videos is 42 GB on disk… so the 31.3 is not from there.

I’m wondering, though, if a bug in the JavaScript is summarizing these videos wrongly, if the database has wrong figures, or if the videos indeed have this enormous storage footprint… Will research it and get back!

Quick update: I did a verification of the figures in the content database, and everything summarizes to 235 GB.

Btw are you downloading all videos? If so, I can strongly recommend using the torrent with resized videos because you don’t loose any considerable quality. Storage capacity will be better, and playback will be smoother (on low-spec devices).

Yup, I figured the original resolution videos would be better for scenarios where a projector might be used to display them. If there isn’t a noticeable difference I’ll just do the torrent.