Content Root Change


I just download all the videos using torrent.
How do you change the Content Root?

I couldn’t find anywhere in my macbook. (MacOS Sierra 10.12.4)
Also I tried to create the file but the message appears saying that permission is required.

I using the 0.17.1 KA lite.

Please help me.


Hi @finish1581

Sorry for the late response.
Open up your terminal. You may do this by navigating to the magnifying glass at the top right corner of your screen, and typing in “Terminal”, then hitting “Enter” on your keyboard.

Now, inside the terminal type:

open ~/.kalite

And then you can now add the CONTENT_ROOT inside
CONTENT_ROOT = "<path to desired content folder>" (default=/home/user/.kalite/content)

For example:

CONTENT_ROOT = "/Users/my_username/Desktop/content"

I hope it helps!

Hi @finish1581 you can also try this. Set the KALITE_CONTENT_ROOT environment variable with the path of your downloaded videos.

Here’s the steps to set it.

  1. Open terminal utility tool.
  2. Make sure kalite server is not running. Just run the “kalite stop” command.
  3. Run the launchctl setenv KALITE_CONTENT_ROOT /path of your downloaded videos/ command to set the KALITE_CONTENT_ROOT environment variable.
  4. Restart the terminal by closing and open it again
  5. Run the command “kalite start” to start kalite server.

Thank you so much.

Using English and French in Raspberry Pi 3. (This is a new device from the previous one)
I’m getting ready for a village school in Guinea, Africa. (450km from the capital city)

If you are using two languages (for me, French and English), how do you do that?
When I put the French video into content, it looks like some English video names are same as the French ones.

Do you simply put the French videos into the same folder as English Videos? Or can you make separate folders and configure for the two different languages?

Help me please.



Do you simply put the French videos into the same folder as English Videos?

We put videos in a single folder which is the content .

We have a separate database for each of the contents. Example for english we have content_khan_en.sqlite and for French we have content_khan_fr.sqlite.

The file names of each videos, for example hMlnp_LjDbM is stored in the French database. So you don’t have to worry if you just paste new videos in the content as kalite will fetch the video for the current language as it should.