Scanning content folder for videos in KA Lite on Windows 10

Answer for Pat to his question from Google Groups:

Hi Pat,

Make sure that you are copying videos in the C:/Users/NAME-OF-THE-USER/.kalite/content folder.

The user running KA Lite should be the same one, meaning that they must have permissions to access the .kalite/content folder where the videos are located.

Once videoscan is finished, you should see the Annotation complete... message.

Below screenshot is from Windows 8.1, but should be the same as on Windows 10:

On Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 1:16:15 AM UTC+2, Pat Bergin wrote:

Hi team,
I hope you can help me please.
I have KA Lite loaded on my computer and all the videos loaded into file C: Users/.Kalite/content,
However when I run scan content folder for Videos it shown a red circle with a slash and frezes for a while, I can click out but it does not find the videos.
Please advise how I can fix this.
I am using windows 10.

Kind regards
Pat Bergin (in Ireland)
PS I am leaving for Zambia on Friday and want to set KA Lite up in a school outside Lusaka – looking forward to your help.

Many thanks for your reply.
The videos which were downloaded with uTorrent have been copied into Users/User/.Kalte/Content folder and started the scan process, as there are 15,000 files does this process take a long time or will it fail/time out trying to sync this volume of data.
Kind regards
Pat Bergin

Hi Pat!

Yes, depending on the hardware of your setup, scanning a full content folder with videos (English one is 35 Gb), can take several hours.

Check the experience and the time needed reported by other KA Lite users on GitHub.

Content scanning process in Kolibri is being developed as an improved experience of videoscan in KA Lite.