Copied Kolibri content not showing up

I install Kolibri on a windows machine and downloaded a bunch of content. I copied the content to a linux install folder /var/kolibri/.kolibri/content/storage. I did a chown to change the ownership to the account it is running under but still nothing shows up. It seems odd that I have C:\Users\Paul.kolibri\content\storage\0\0 and all the folders seem to be duplicated. Is this normal?

Thanks in advance,

If you’re trying to transfer content from a Windows Kolibri installation to a Linux Kolibri installation, I would recommend:

  1. Export the content to a USB drive or similar on the Windows machine
  2. Import the content from the USB drive on the Linux machine

Manually copying over the content folder will skip important bookkeeping steps.

[edit] - on second thought, copying it actually ought to work, but I would still recommend using the UI and seeing if that helps