0.13 - Copying content and databases

From a user via e-mail:


"Maybe you could inform me where I could get some help with an issue I have with kolibri-v0.13.0-windows-setup.exe that I don’t see in kolibri-v0.12.5-windows-setup.exe. I could install Kolibri 0.12.5, sign off and exit Kolibri, copy the content (databases & storage folders) from a backup drive, start Kolibri and it would read the channels. This does not happen in v0.13.0.

I’m sure there is a way to do this in v0.13.0. This is a much faster way than Importing all channels."

Technical details

  • 0.13
  • Windows

Try executing kolibri manage scanforcontent.

Guidance with how to work in vommandline for executing the above is available at https://kolibri.readthedocs.io/en/latest/manage/command_line.html

Do keep a backup of the content and database prior to trying this.