Content with moodle course

hi, we are new here, we just install kolibri on pi zero, now we want content.

we work now many years with moodle ( and we woud like to integrate some of our moodle courses in kolibri. so is it possible? if yes, how?

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Thanks for your question –

We support a few different file formats, including MP4, MP3, PDF, EPUB, HTML5 apps, and a few exercise formats. It would be helpful if you could share additional information on the content file types and licensing, as well as the export formats for which you’re using to get the course data out of Moodle.

If the formats are compatible, with access to the course we can likely get a better sense of whether it’s something that can be pulled in with an automated script.


Hi, the backup of Moodle course is .mbz.

But we need a Moodle installation to restore it. So how is possible to install Moodle in kolibri or Rachel or your own e-learning software?