Channel content questions (new to Kolibri)

I am new to Kolibri but am very familiar with edu tech.

1- I have content which is suitable for only a set of schools.
a) Is it possible to publish that channel as private?
Is it stored in the cloud and only retrievable by those who are given a token?
Or is everything published automatically open access?

2- Regarding the data model, what part of “LMS” content is in the channel vs local server?
For example
a) are the lesson plans stored with the channel content in the cloud or is that on the local server only?

b) Is it possible to allow some documents to be locally edited by the coach/teacher?
Use case: a lesson plan or a PDF/ePUB document which they need to adjust for their needs.

c) I fully understand that the only published doc types for learners are PDF/ePUB. Got it.
Is it possible to include documents for coach use only (MS-Office or Libre Office docs) in a channel?

3- Is there any restriction of what HTML / Javascript content is not allowed in a channel?
Specific use case:
We have a large amount of curated apps and custom content which are running on Linux laptops.
We should be able to build a simple static HTML/js page which invokes that standalone app — for example TuxPaint. The self-paced learning could have a few videos / docs for the learner to read and then they get to an activity step. This HTML page in the channel would give them the prompt and launch the app. Is that possible?

I’ve read the content integration guide and other parts of the docs and FAQs but have yet to find anything about these topics. Maybe it is there and I’ve just not found that.

MANY thanks in advance!

Hi @Ted_Hein,

Welcome to the Learning Equality forums!

  1. Channels can be curated on Kolibri Studio, using content you upload or publicly available content from the Kolibri Content Library. The channels you create on Studio are private by default, and can only be imported if you have the token or channel ID.
  1. The learning material curated into a channel is distinct from lesson management within Kolibri.
    (a) By importing a channel from Kolibri Studio, all of that imported content will be locally accessible via Kolibri, without the need for internet (offline). A Coach (teacher) on Kolibri uses the imported channel content to create Lessons and Quizzes for Classes, Groups, or Individual Learners within a Facility. All of that data is considered ‘facility data’ and is stored locally within Kolibri. Kolibri devices can sync, or transfer, both channels and facility data with other Kolibri devices.
    (b) Through the process of creating Lessons and Quizzes, the Coach can formulate their lesson plan to fit their needs. Otherwise, no a Coach cannot edit the imported channel materials. We are planning future enhancements to allow offline edits within Kolibri.
    (c) No, those types of documents cannot be added to a channel. Although, within Kolibri Studio, you may set the audience for certain resources to be Coach-only, which restricts learners from seeing that content within Kolibri.

  2. Regarding your apps and custom content, the best approach to accessing those within Kolibri is to bundle them into what we call HTML5 apps. These are essentially .zip files that contain at the very least an index.html file. There’s more information about HTML5 apps here. Unfortunately, launching a standalone app from the HTML5 app would not be possible, because the HTML5 app is sandboxed for security reasons.