Migrating from Kolibri to Moodle

Good day,

Is it possible to migrate content from Kolibri to Moodle platform? In the event of sharing content, could I share content with an organisation that is using Moodle platform. An organisation is setting up their own Moodle platform and wanted to know if we can share or migrate some content or do they need to create their own content from scratch.

Hi @clarisha
Kolibri currently does not have any tools to export or share content with other platforms (it can share it with other kolibri servers though). We have heard similar feedback in the past and this is a point that’s being considerated.
In any case, you can always download content from the browser using the browser tools. People with admin credentials in Kolibri can set a configuration to show a download button in any content that can be downloaded.


Thanks so much @jredrejo. Much appreciate your feedback.