All mastery criteria gone since Studio update

The latest Studio update appears to have wiped the mastery criteria data from all of our exercises - they’re all empty and have little warning labels next to them! We have over 1000 such exercises in our channel so this is a big deal. We can’t publish any updates to the channel until this is resolved, and I would rather not have to do it manually. Can you guys look into it?

Hello @eriklonnroth, thank you for your feedback!

We are sorry for the problems you are experiencing. Studio development team in US is out for a public holiday today, but we’ll be sure to look into this issue starting tomorrow.

Thanks @RadinaMatic - any news from the dev team on this? And do you know if this has affected any other channels, or just ours?

We’re kinda stuck here, unable to publish any new content until this bug is fixed.

Hello @eriklonnroth
this is a confirmed issue that the development team is working hard to solve as soon as possible.

Answering your other question: it’s not your problem only, there are more users affected ( ) and it’s on the top of the team priorities.

No data is lost in any case, so once the problem is solved in the server you’ll be able to continue working as usual.


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Hi @eriklonnroth,

We have made some fixes and think that both the missing mastery criteria, and the incorrect ‘incompleteness’ annotation should be fixed. Could you check your channel and see whether it has resolved all the issues you are seeing?

One other thing that we are noticing is that we have flagged content that is actually ‘incomplete’, but historical content may have been missing the required fields. If this is affecting you, we can look at ensuring that this doesn’t disrupt channel publishing for you.

Kind Regards,

Thanks guys, that now seems to be working alright.

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