What is the difference between KA Lite and Kolibri?

Updated February 2019:

Attention new users: Start with Kolibri!

Kolibri has officially been in flight since December 2017. While we are continuing to improve Kolibri, we are confident that Kolibri is better positioned for any organization new to Learning Equality’s tools and software. We also don’t want to leave our longstanding KA Lite users stranded on the ground. We know that you understand the need for the availability of quality educational content available in an offline setting, and that you have reconfigured and forked versions of KA Lite to meet your needs. We’ve been listening. And that’s why we’re here to support and guide you towards using Kolibri.

The best of KA Lite, packaged on Kolibri

Kolibri expands on everything Learning Equality could offer with KA Lite but the central tenants of KA Lite will remain the same: Kolibri is lightweight, can be run on a local server, and all (or a subset) of content can be loaded onto the server. Kolibri has feature parity with KA Lite, and includes Khan Academy content in a variety of languages (including in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Kiswahili, and Hindu), with more language support on the way!

We will continue to update Kolibri and encourage you to sign-up for our newsletter, follow us on Twitter or check back in periodically to be notified of the latest releases. Upgrading with Kolibri ensures the best compatibility with content and that you have the latest and greatest features!

To learn more about how Kolibri differs from KA Lite and read our full blog post here.

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How can I get Kolibri in remote area of the DRC?

Hi @Jdt

Kolibri isn’t yet available to the public for download yet. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, subscribe to our blog, and keep an eye for our announcement next year. With the announcement, we’ll be sure to add instructions on how to download and install Kolibri, and options for how to get it into remote areas.