Download all the KA-Lite videos

I have installed the KA Lite French and English. It seems like not all the videos are are loading. Do I need to download a package from the KA Lite site or what is the best way to load all the videos before hand.

Hi trexken,

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties. I will reach out to relevant team members to see if I can answer your question, but in the mean time I would also encourage you to download Kolibri. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can import both the KA English and KA French channels. For instructions on accessing these content channels, take a look at our Kolibri documentation here:



I am now on 7.2 and it seems better. I just heard not all the videos are added in French from one of my team members. Is there a way from loading the KA Lite videos into Kolibri. We already have the videos on the laptop because we built out a server that allows us to let the students chose between French, English, Spanish versions of KA-Lite. I really like your interface and would like to somehow link our projects. We also added Wikipedia in French, English, Kreole, and Spanish. We also added Calibre library to our device and have books in French, English, Spanish, and Kreole. So if we can work closer together please have someone reach out to me. Denny Baumann has been talking with Carine. So I don’t want to step on any toes but I really want to get your project with the same data we have. I believe the children benifit most from this. We are known as Bethel Computers For Education. We are sending laptops and server all around the world. I just need help from your smart web dev team to help us both out. Carine has be awesome but like she told us she is not a developer. V/R, Ken