Using Xapi in kolibri

Hello community, I was looking for some input on the use of Xapi, however I found nothing, but I would like to know if anyone has managed to implement it, if so could help me?

Hi @Billy,

Currently our xAPI integration is mostly focused on capturing xAPI statements from H5P resources.

We do not currently implement a standard xAPI backend, but rather use a Javascript API that mirrors the xAPI backend implementation, so it is not fully conformant to the CMI5 launch spec.

If you are interested in using this Javascript layer, it is available for use for HTML5 apps in Kolibri. Alternatively, SCORM 1.2 is fully implemented and available for HTML5 apps in Kolibri.

For more details on the xAPI Javascript API we have implemented, please see the code: kolibri/xAPIInterface.js at develop · learningequality/kolibri · GitHub

All the methods of the Shim class linked to above are available on window.xAPI.

Kind Regards,

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