Unable to run devserver in powershell

Hi all,

I have been following the development “getting started” guide and completed all setup steps. However, I encountered an error when attempting to start up the development server. Powershell does not recognize “kolibri” as a command. I’ve posted an image of the output below.

In trying to fix the error, I first added both the kolibri and .venvs/kolibri folders to my path, but no luck there. A friend had a working kolibri installation on Ubuntu and informed me that the kolibri command is calling the file .venvs/kolibri/bin/kolibri in the kolibri virtual environment. However, that file does not seem to exist in my virtual environment setup on Windows (there is no bin folder in .venvs/kolibri, and the file does not exist in the .venvs/Scripts folder either).

Has anyone else managed to develop Kolibri on Windows who might be able to shed some light on the situation? Or does anyone have any ideas how to get it to run? Any help would be appreciated.

Assuming your virtualenv is activated, perhaps you didn’t run this command during setup?

pip install -e .

That was definitely it. I must have missed that part of the setup instructions. Thanks for the help!