Unable to log in from different device

I am trying to create an account for our organization to be able to log into and contribute to, but am unable to do so. Upon trying to log in from a different device, we receive an ‘error’ message. We are working remotely from one another and so we need to be able to do this, despite not being within a ‘local network’.

The Kolibri version I am using is 0.15.8
My operating system is MacOS, but we are trying to also use the account on Windows devices.
My browser is Chrome, but my colleague uses Internet Explorer

Hey @tanzsec, welcome to our community forum!

You mention working remotely but Kolibri is by default accessible only in local network. It could be made to work online or in cloud, but that setup is much more demanding and complex from the technical point of view, and it is not what Kolibri was originally designed for.

Independent of which operating system is running on the device where you installed Kolibri (MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc.), by default you will only be able to sign in or create other accounts only if you are in the same local network (LAN). In other words, if you installed Kolibri in a computer inside you organization’s local network, you will be able to connect and sign in to your account only while you are connected to your organization WiFi or cabled network, but you will not be able to for example connect to it from your home. Can you post the screenshot of the ‘error’ message you mention?