Unable to login or stay logged into kolibri online

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We are unable to login or stay logged into the online kolibri. We were checking work and got signed out, since then non of our team members have been able to log back into kolibri online. Please see screenshot attached. We also loaded content on studio and it seems to have disappeared as we tried to publish. Please assist. Thank you.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version - 14.7
  • Operating system - windows
  • Browser - Chrome

Hi Noma,

I’ll need some additional information as Kolibri is typically run offline - have you set-up an online instance?

Regarding the issue with not being able to log-in, what are you seeing when trying to log back in? It sounds like perhaps this may be a connection issue, but if you could share more about how your installation was set up that would be helpful.


Hi Laura.

I am not sure if you received my last email with the screenshots as I have not heard anything back as yet. One of our clients is running a literacy competition from the School in a Box and the biggest challenge we have now is that we are still not able to access Kolibri studio or publish anything.
The two images attached show what appears when we try to access studio or when we try to publish.
Your urgent assistance will be immensely appreciated.
Thank you.