Kolibri on andriod browser

I just heard about kolibri and i wanted to try it out but am stucked. I have installed it on my laptop but was wondering how to asses that facility on a browser of an andriod tablet.

Hi @Michael-Amponsah,

Thank you for giving Kolibri a try!

This topic in our user guide can help you access the Kolibri running on your laptop, from a browser on an Android tablet.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with other questions you might have.

The information wasn’t clear am still having a difficulty connecting a learner connect to the admin account on an android browser? Can you give me a detail steps of how to do it please?

Hi @Michael-Amponsah - would you mind elaborating on what difficulty you’re having? From your question, it’s not clear whether you’re having login issues, or if you can’t connect to the web app at all.

At a high level, you’ll need to:

  1. Run Kolibri on your laptop. (at this point, you should be able to access it locally both as an admin and a learner)
  2. Connect to Kolibri from another device on the same network. (Again, the user type shouldn’t matter)