Kolibri Networking problems

I am having a lot of problems setting up Kolibri. I am running it on a laptop and connected via ethernet to a wireless range extender. We don’t want at this point to connect to the internet.

I can see the network and connect to it just fine. However, I can’t seem to connect ever to the server URL from any external device. I am running Unbuntu 18.04

There must be some internal network issue on Unbuntu preventing any outside device to see this. For the life of me, I can’t find it. I know Kolibri is running on the server as I can navigate to the various windows.

I had this working (momentariily) with a different router, but it failed. I bought the new range extender because I thought maybe I had a hardware issue.

Please HELP!



If you haven’t yet, take a look at the docs for accessing Kolibri from other devices on the same network.

Mainly, you’ll need to make sure that

  1. you know the IP address of the server on the network (different from, which is localhost)
  2. the port (default 8080) is not being blocked by the server’s firewall

Typically a router is responsible for assigning your server an IP on the network using DHCP. It’s possible that your range extender is not set up to do this. You should be able to ping the IP from other devices.


I have made some progress on this. I rebooted and now can connect. However wondering if there’s a way to have static connection for the sever url’s? The wireless range extender I have supports both 2.4 and 5 kHz connections. When I rebooted, I now see a unique server url for each. It would be great if there’s a way to lock these addresses so each tablet could could have a static shortcut to connect.

Thanks a ton


One option is to configure your router’s DHCP server to always assign the same IP address to the Kolibri device based on its MAC address. (If your router doesn’t support it, there’s a chance you can switch to an alternate firmware like dd-wrt, open-wrt, tomato, etc)

Here’s some more info: https://askubuntu.com/questions/246121/how-do-i-make-ubuntu-request-a-specific-ip-address-from-a-dhcp-server