Unable to import content from Private Channel

I have made a Channel on Kolibri Studio and created some exercises over there. For the last two day I can’t import any content from there. It was working fine before that.

Hi mathkhan, I noticed all the content nodes in your channel are marked as visible only to coaches.

28 PM

This means they won’t be visible to learners and anonymous users of Kolibri—they are only visible when logged in as Coach or Admin.

You can change Visibility to Anyone on Studio and the exercises/documents will start to show up again.

Note visible-only-to-Coaches exercise questions can be used as part of Lesson and Exams on Kolibri, so this would be another way to make use of the questions.

Thanks, It was Chrome and Safari problem. It worked fine on firefox

Hi @mathkhan -

Are you still having this issue? To clarify, when you try to import your channels from Studio to Kolibri on Chrome or Safari it does not work? What happens instead - any errors?

Its working fine most of the time. I assume it’s the Kolibri studio issue, most of the time it’s quite slow to import contents from it. Is there any other way of importing contents from the channel?

There is no other mechanism, but we’re continuing to work on the performance of both Studio and Kolibri.

Would you be interested in working with us to identify why your imports are running slowly?