Unable to Download New Resources

Hi, new Kolibri user here.

I have been unable to download any Kolibri content onto my computer. A laptop I have will ideally be sent to Kenya in a few days and we would like it to have lots of learning content on it as it goes. I have successfully installed Kolibri, but now cannot download the actual learning materials.

  • Kolibri version - 15.12
  • Operating system 0 Chrome OS
  • Browser - Chrome

Any ideas?

Hi @Brian_Voice_of_Hope - thank you for your interest in using Kolibri! I’m sorry that you have been having trouble downloading content. Can you describe the steps that you have been taking to import and/or download content, and include some screenshots of that pages you are looking at? Also, have you been getting any error messages?

Also, could you share how you have configured Kolibri during the initial installation, such as setting up a full facility, or setting up as an independent user?