Kolibri upgrade - how to resolve "some content missing"

Please guide and provide easier update mode of kolibri content, I am repeatedly getting notification of 'some content missing ’ during update or download

Dear @dapsonchansa

Welcome to the Community Forums! I moved your post to a separate topic.

Would you be able to reply below and share a screenshot or photo of the screen where the “some content missing” message appears?

Are you expecting all contents to be loaded and available when you see the message?

Which version of Kolibri do you use? See instructions here

I think the version should be 0.12.8 english, I would be able send a snapshot as soon I figure it out. I am trying a remote update with our system administrator from Germany via team viewer. I will post more info Our community forum

That sounds good @dapsonchansa - Knowing in which context you see “some content missing” can help us understand the cause. A screenshot or a photo taken with a phone would work!