Unable to connect to Kolibri Raspberry Pi image from a Wi-Fi client using

I have a kolibri server, it shows the SSID, I have connected laptop to that wifi network, but when entering it cannot connect

how could it work in ethenet?
I appreciate help

Hi @joser369 - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

  1. Can you describe how you installed Kolibri and which server it is running on? A Raspberry Pi?
  2. Do you fail to reach it on its URL - which by default is on port 8080: ?

Looking forward to helping you!

  1. yes run raspberry pi whith iso server
    the screen

    2, i trie. 10…:8080 but no work


Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • I notice in the screenshot from your Raspberry Pi that it says “My IP address is” - can you access, typing in the full address including http:// ?

  • In the screenshot, there is only displayed in the address bar - what happens if you type the full address ?

  • What is the IP address of your client Windows computer when it is connected to Kolibri? You can find it by typing WIN+R and enter cmd + ENTER, then typing ipconfig + ENTER in the command line.

  • Once in the above command line, try entering ping followed by ENTER to send a ping request 4 times to that address. If this does not work, try ping

1.I have connected my mac and it ping correctly and it starts with is it ok, will it always be via wifi?
Captura de pantalla 2020-04-21 a las 8.40.27

2. in windows is the problem, there is no ping to any ip and it is changed in the cmd as seen in the image, will the host file show something that I also show?
i trie whith http and 8080


I can’t see the full outputs from running ipconfig on your Windows client, but it seems that the client is not connected to any 10.10.10.* subnet. Have you tried to connect to from the Windows client?

sorry ,im discover what before asing manual ip , this is error
now ok