Kolibri not broadcasting content on network

I have set up Kolibri in one of the computers in a school lab and everything is set up and running. We use connectify to create hotspot to access the wireless network created on the server. Everything seems fine and works well for many weeks actually.

However at some point, the computers in the lab are connected to the network but when i type try accessing the server by typing its IP address, i am unable to reach the server.

The network has not changed and this got me confused why it was happening.
@Michael experienced this issue too but not sure why.

Any ideas?

Hi Maxwell,

Is this now happening consistently for you or only occasionally? It’s possible that the connection is breaking and I would also double check that the Server IP is remaining consistent. You can double check the IP by going into the Device tab (shown below):

Can you share more about your set up in terms of hardware and network, how many devices you’re connecting simultaneously, and which OS and Kolibri version you have running?

Hi Laura,

Currently am using kolibri version 0.10 with windows 10.

This issue seems to be happening consistently and even when the network is okay.

The lab has about 10 computers, which connect to the wireless network from the server - I am using connectify application to broadcast from the server.

in addition @laura I would also like to know if having a remote session on zoom or team viewer would be useful for you guys to understand better this problem.

Hi @laura I have been constantly experiencing this issues raised by @maxwellfundi at the moment i have even tried to connect the devices to the same WiFi network still it’s not working. Could this be a problem with the server or how do we go about this?


Hi Maxwell,
you say the computers connect to the wireless network form the server. The main detail here is : how does the server connect to the network?
The server should be connected with a cable to the network. If it’s connected using wifi it’s likely it won’t work, as the server link has to provide the speed of the 10 devices together. That’s something cable can do but wifi can’t.

Summarizing: The server must connect to the network using a cable. The cable can go to a wifi access point and the clients use wifi to connect.

Also, it would be important to have more details of the server hardware. Laura has commented above you can go to the device tab and copy & paste here the info kolibri collects to have more details.

José L.

Hi @jredrejo thanks for your response on this. Since i’m equally experiencing the same challenge, here is the link to the server to the unconnected server.

In addition, attached is the screenshot of the same.


Hi Mike,
I see you’re using Windows as a server too.

It’s a know inssue that the default server parameters are not optimal in Windows in some cases.

To fix it, a new version 0.12.2 is being released next week. This version, instead of using the same parameters for all the servers, will automatically change those parameters according to the memory the server has.
As you are already using 0.12.1, you can upgrade it because features wise nothing changes with the new version. I hope it will be released on Monday, or Tuesday at most.

If you can’t wait I can give you instructions to put the needed parameter manually (I would need to know how much RAM your server has). If you can wait for the next week, it would be better as you won’t need to touch any config file.

José L.

Thank you so much @jredrejo i can wait for the new release it this will be fixed, that will be great news for us.


@laura @jredrejo Our schools have reopened and we (@Michael and I) are happy to report that with the latest version 0.12.2 this issue has been resolved and the students can now easily access the content over the network.

It is great to hear that @maxwellfundi!

Happy learning!


Happy to see this finally work @jredrejo Thanks to the whole team, Happy learning, happy student!

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Happy to see this finally work @jredrejo Thanks to the whole team, Happy learning, happy Kolibri family!

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