Uable to run kolibri

hello friends
I just installed kolibri Version 0.14.6 on my dell latitude 7280 pc with intel core I7 -7600U 2.90 GHz cpu
a 16.0 GB RAM memory firefox browser![image|611x280]
unfortunately when starting I get the following message “KOLIBRI CANNOT START; you can find additional information in your kolibri home folder …”
only when I consult the file logs they are empty

it’s Ok
i formated my station installed Win 10 and kolibri

Hi @everaddnus,
Thanks for sharing your progress. Out of curiosity, which version of Windows were you running previously when it wasn’t working for you?

I’m glad to hear you were able to get things working!


Hi Friend
here is my actuel configuration station

The last was also a WINDOWS 1O

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Hi there @everaddnus,
I got some more information about this that might be helpful for you in case you run into this again in the future. It sounds like at times, certain Windows anti-virus programs will be overly cautious about Kolibri and it’s components, even if they haven’t actually found any viruses in it. So you may need to manually scan Kolibri and add it and its components to the anti-virus exception list if you plan to use anti-virus software alongside Kolibri.

See the documentation on using Kolibri with anti-virus software for details, and let me know if you have further questions.