Transfer of content to a new server

I have a question relating to transfer of content.

So i have a laptop A, which has lots of content that has been curated to what i need. It takes a long time to export channels to external drive and upload them to a new laptop B.

I wonder if I could actually copy Kolibri folders over form laptop A to B to make the process easier of uploading content on laptop B.

Which folder(s) would i need to copy.

These two laptops A and B run windows.


Hi Maxwell,

If laptop A and B are both connected to the same local network, you can Import content into laptop B from laptop A. While on laptop B, navigate to the Import page on Kolibri and when presented with the 3 Import options, select the second option, “Import Content from a Local Network” – see more information here:

Also as an FYI, in our upcoming v0.13 release we are adding a feature for improved discoverability of Kolibri servers on the network when selecting this option.


Thank you @laura