Server transfer

Looking for direction in best way to transfer from old server to new server, which will retain user accounts as well. Thanks!

Hello @anp , depending on your old and new server it can be an easy or a complex task.
Can you provide more details:

  1. OS you use
  2. Database type you use (if you don’t know it , it’s sqlite, it’s the default unless you change it)


Thank you very much for your email. Sorry for delayed response; I only work on the weekends. We are transferring from a Windows Server 2016 Datacenter to a 2019 Datacenter. It’s the default database to the best of my knowledge. Thanks!

hi @anp I don’t have an access to windows 2000, but supossing it uses the same directories than Windows 7 or 10, if you are using the default setup. It will be easy. It basically consists of moving the kolibri home directory from one server to the other (with the precaution of stopping the kolibri process in both servers while copying the content).

You can find steps on how to do it using an intermediate usb drive or using the network at Provisioning many servers — Kolibri 0.14 documentation

José L.

Thanks. It doesn’t seem that there’s any documentation there for how to transfer the users at the old site; thoughts?

hello @anp
that documentation is to provision the whole server, transfering the .kolibri folder you copy everything: content, logs, lessons, etc. and users

Thank you very much!