Syncing Unlisted Channels Over a LAN

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Hello team, we have been working with a high school to create channels on Kolibri studio. The channels are currently “unlisted” though I believe we would be OK to publish them broadly. The goal was to have a master laptop running Kolibri which could connect to the internet and get the newest updates from Kolibri Studio. After getting the updates, the laptop would be taken to offline RACHEL servers where the updates would be delivered, however, we currently are only able to sync “publicly listed” channels from the laptop to the RACHEL devices.

Is there some way that over the LAN we can also load up these unlisted channels on RACHEL?


Technical details

  • 0.13.3
  • Ubuntu Server / Endless OS Client
  • Chrome

@jeremy I believe the reason you are not seeing the unlisted channels on other devices on the network is likely because the option -Allow other computers on this network to import unlisted channels - is not checked from the device settings.
You can enable this by going to Device>Settings and check that checkbox.

See the image below

I hope this helps.



Yes, thank you!

@maxwellfundi - perhaps you know, but as a follow up, once I have imported “unlisted channels” they are only available for the admin to see and they do not appear in the “learn” tab under channels. Do you know how to make those unlisted channels available to students?

Update, we had created our content on Kolibri studio with “coach content” tags so it was not visible to learners:

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