Channel not visible on list of channels to import in whilst importing from local network

Hello good people,

I am slightly concerned that a channel, that is properly working in one computer is not visible to another whilst trying to import it over a local network.


  1. I successfully imported this channel made by @kaycelu - channel token - rikuf-bivut from Kolibri Studio in my computer A
  2. Channel works well on my computer A and I can access all the content in it
  3. I try importing the channel in another computer B through the local network option
  4. I enter the IP addresses correctly and the two computers A and B are connected
  5. From the import page on computer B, I can see all the other channels from my computer A, except this channel.

Any ideas @jonathan @laura @devon ?

The issue at hand here is @kaycelu would like to have this channel imported to about 200 devices for her students in Kenya to use at home during this COVID 19 period.

I had ideas of copying things over on the .Kolibri folder, but would like to make sure we know why this is happening.

Technical details (Both Computers A and B use same version of kolibri, windows and browser as shown below)

Version: 0.13.2
OS: Windows-8-6.2.9200
Python: 3.4.3
Installer: Windows
Server: Kolibri internal server
Database: C:\Users\Fundi.kolibri\db.sqlite3
Device name: Fundi
Free disk space: 85 GB
Server time: Tue May 26 2020 18:24:24 GMT+0300 (East Africa Time)
Server timezone: Africa/Nairobi

Maxwell Fundi

Hi @maxwellfundi

On Computer B, could you try

  1. clicking the “Import with token”
  2. Enter the rikuf-bivut token in the pop-up modal

to see if the new channel appears in the Channel List.

I need to confirm, but I believe at the Step 5 in your post, the “private” channels that require a token are not automatically be shown.

Another thing to check on Computer A is that the “Allow other computers to import unlisted channels” Device Setting is enabled:

Also see

@jonathan thank you for your response. With the new setting checked, it works like a charm!

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