Swahili content torrent file


I see there is now a Swahili torrent at the site below, but when I download the torrent file it doesn’t list any trackers and isn’t able to pull the content. Is there something I need to do to download and seed this content?



Hi Jacob,

Thanks for writing about it, I also noticed it earlier today.

It should be @arceduardjames or @Richard_Amodia who seeds it, but we should also be hosting something on the regular server. I think @aronasorman has just put more disk space on it, so shouldn’t be a problem…

Once you’ve downloaded it, it’d be great if you can put any problems that people haven’t already spotted over in this ongoing issue: https://github.com/learningequality/ka-lite/issues/5294


Hi @benjamin & @jskiba99 Sorry I was not able to add a tracker on it. But you can manually add a tracker on it.
Here’s the trackers we used to seed:


Hi @Richard_Amodia Is there something I need to do to download the content initially? I added the trackers but haven’t been able to download any of the content yet, like there’s no sources available.

@jskiba99 I think you need to wait when you are still downloading the Swahili torrent content. Because we are seeding it in our office 24 hours.

@jskiba99, @cpauya uploaded the latest Swahili torrent file at http://pantry.learningequality.org/downloads/ka-lite/0.16/content/ka-lite-0.16-resized-videos-swahili.torrent we added a trackers on it.

Working now, I was able to download the content. Thanks