Support for Kolibri v0.15.0 hosted in a C3 server

Re-sharing this support inquiry from @Doris_Ratego that came in via email:

We have installed Kolibri v0.15.0 hosted in a C3 server C3 Micro-Cloud Funlings – C3 Micro-Cloud. We have an issue when importing user accounts into the system. It creates duplicates. Is there a fix in the new version? How can I get v0.16.0? Also, the app is not loading when accessed by 34 users concurrently. We have ruled out networking and hardware problems since the other apps are working well. Is there a limit to the number of users who can access it?

Hi Learning Equality Team,

We managed to resolve the Kolibri App connection issue. But Kolibri creates duplicate user accounts when importing users.
We would like to upgrade to Kolibri Server v0.16.0 in our severs. Has this been officially launched? Where can I get it?

Best regards
Doris Ratego

Hi @Doris_Ratego, we’re glad to hear that the connection issue has been resolved. Regarding the duplicate user creation issue, this will be fixed in Kolibri v0.16.1, expected to be released within the next week. In the meantime, you can find the download for v0.16.0 here.

All the best,