Not Connected to server is populating


Hi all,
Hope everyone doing good
I logged as admin i saw the learner status, i got the Device Not connected to server, even though they logged in and done some progress
Can you guys please help?

Hi @Aswin_Lakshmanan,

I am sorry to hear there is a problem with these learner devices not being connected. Can you provide a little bit more information about your kolibri setup, and about the situation when you were seeing this? For example, was this what you were seeing this when those learners were in the same location that you were as the admin? What kind of device(s) are being used? Do you recall any difference in setup or hardware between the first device we see here as “not recently synced” versus the others?

Also, if you could share your Kolibri logs, that would be very helpful!

Thank you for these details that will help us troubleshoot.