Not Connected to server is populating


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I logged as admin i saw the learner status, i got the Device Not connected to server, even though they logged in and done some progress
Can you guys please help?

Hi @Aswin_Lakshmanan,

I am sorry to hear there is a problem with these learner devices not being connected. Can you provide a little bit more information about your kolibri setup, and about the situation when you were seeing this? For example, was this what you were seeing this when those learners were in the same location that you were as the admin? What kind of device(s) are being used? Do you recall any difference in setup or hardware between the first device we see here as “not recently synced” versus the others?

Also, if you could share your Kolibri logs, that would be very helpful!

Thank you for these details that will help us troubleshoot.


Hi marcellamaki, Thanks for the response and also sorry for the late response
Let me say the clear version of this

Expected behaviour.

  1. When the user login into the tool, the user status needs to show as SYNCED on every end which is connected to the centralized ip (ADMIN, COACH, LEARNER)

Note: Not connected in LAN.

Current behaviour.

  1. We registered our server(centralized) ip to zeroconf and added an instance as well even though when the user login into the tool, the user status is not SYNCED.

Can you please let us know of any other solutions for connecting the learner device with the centralized server instead of connecting to the same LAN and tracking the progress of the learner?

Hi @Aswin_Lakshmanan,

Currently the automatic syncing functionality relies on zeroconf for automatic detection of the server to sync to. This means that syncing will only happen when devices are on the same wired or wireless LAN. When you register the static IP address, it is registering it only with Kolibri, not with the zeroconf functionality that Kolibri is using.

We are currently scoping being able to autodetect these statically added addresses for automated syncing, and hope to release this functionality in the 0.16.x versions of Kolibri.

In the meantime, these syncs will either need the devices to be on the same LAN as the server device, or will require an administrator to login to the client device and trigger the sync manually from the Facility or Device page.

Do let me know if I’ve misunderstood what is happening!

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Hi @marcellamaki @richard, I Hope everyone is doing well

When can we expect version 0.16.x with the functionality of automated syncing?

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Aswin Lakshmanan

Hi @Aswin_Lakshmanan.

We hope to release the first version of 0.16 by the end of May, and we plan have patch releases introducing additional functionality every 6-8 weeks following the first release. Initial implementation of automated syncing features will be included in early versions, although we may continue to build on the basic functionality with subsequent patch releases.

You can follow along here in the community forum or on our social media for updates and announcements about releases and details about what each release includes.