Logging in as Users Imported by CSV

We’ve just uploaded a list of users to our Kolibri instance at learn.edify.org. I tested to make sure that the users would be able to log in once I sent them the details and found instead that all of the imported users I’ve tested bring up an error when entering their usernames. My login for this instance still works fine. I’ve checked the list of users, confirmed the right user name(s) and then typed it in on the log in page. Having tried this with multiple users, I’ve received the same error message.

Hello @Andy_Johnson could you attach the logs of your server to find out where the error could be?
Troubleshooting — Kolibri User Guide explains how to get them

Just to follow up on this one. I found the problem When I first ran my import, some of the users need to be updated. Once I fixed the impacted contacts and imported again, I didn’t realize that Kolibri would reimport the same unchanged contacts along with the new ones. I had to manually delete all of the users one at a time since I couldn’t bulk update or sort them to find the duplicates. I then reimported and the users could log in.